Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Welcome to 2012.

The Quarter Life Crisis was resolved. In its middle age, this blog is called 'The Popcorn Diet' and lives at You can find this post at:


  1. Hi Julie, this is amazing. you are such a beautiful writer. i'm so excited i get to read your thoughts. xoxo,

  2. I had the same "crisis" when i turned 25! After 28 I got worried about turning 30. Now I'm 30 and I should really b an adult but there are some things ... still don't feel like growing up (I.e: buying a house instead of traveling...or even less have kids!!!) I imagined that I was going to be so different but I've enjoyed every year. just enjoy every day and grow up when u have to :) Keep up w ur writing. I should exercise too!!

  3. Thanks for the support on my baby blog's first day of life!

    @Lulu: Right back at you!
    @Catae: Thanks for that :) I agree with you! Buying a house and having kids and all of that stuff feels like something other people do and I never will grow up enough to accomplish, haha! Why would anyone have kids when you can use diaper money to travel the world?