Saturday, January 21, 2012

How to Stay Motivated on a Rainy Weekend

The Quarter Life Crisis was resolved. In its middle age, this blog is called 'The Popcorn Diet' and lives at


  1. I have never tried those lemons. loving food is the best and you are a good cook! I wish that I had a fast metabolism but I dont. I have over 40 lbs to lose and I hate thinking about it. Have you looked at the class schedules? maybe they have spinning (cycle), zumba, or try yoga... I pay a gym membership for the classes. LA fitness is nice and at least $40 per month. Do you have an ipod? there are lots of free podcasts even to learn languages!!! I used to exercise a lot in college and i think i subscribed to ALL of the magazines available. I would not get down until I finished it and I covered the time in the machine. This was before every machine had a TV. Now that I started working out again I do the classes and it is easier to do 1 hour in a group than alone. I have to make small goals to trick myself into staying. I looked up LA fitness for class descriptions. I don't know where you live so i could not see a schedule but take a look.
    Good luck :)

  2. Catae, are we seeing you guys this weekend? I'll bring down a few for you :) Maybe we should also go to the gym together! haha!

    I do have an iPod but am more of a visual person than musical. Reading magazines or watching something on my iPod would be better. Those are awesome ideas though. Thanks again for the resources. Classes might just be best. Xavier and I are talking about doing the $20 gym membership though. Okay, again, I'm hoping we'll see each other this weekend so let's talk then! :)