Monday, April 9, 2012

The Food of Ecuador

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  1. Poor Julie! I'm so picky with food and looking at the place where u ate the day you got sick makes me feel sick! I promise if you ever come to Colombia with us to take care of u by taking u to good places! Haha next time go to "astrid & gaston" the best Peruvian restaurant in south America. I love Peruvian ceviche 10x more than ecuadorian. Colombian ceviche is not that great so I'm not going to recommend it. I loved helados de Paila but I rather not think about the water that they r using. I wasnt impressed with ecuadorian food. I love the pizza And other things that we had but the typical food not so much. I don't think I even like typical Colombian food which according to andre is better than ecuadorian! I'm glad that the food poisoning didn't stop you from trying new things!! :)

    1. Hahah, I didn't post photos of the open kitchen at one place, where we said "if anyone dies, it will be because of this food, so let's document it for the doctors." The 'kitchen' was a dirty shelf on the dining room wall with a single tiny sink. Not gonna lie, the food tasted great there!

      I will take you up on your recommendations next time, and hopefully we will get to go to Colombia together at some point! Now that we're racking up miles, haha. I have had decent Peruvian ceviche, maybe not the best, but enough to get an idea of it. I love it too! Man, now I'm hungry for ceviche and it's 9:49 am...

    2. hahaha! it's 11:24 pm and I want ceviche!!! I can't cook and I can make ceviche! I'm sure that you could make a very good one!

      you are welcome to come with us to Colombia next time and stay w my parents if we go to Cali :-) and add a few more miles to your account! I don't know when... I think that 2012 is going to be a stay at home year - after our trip next month - because of my work!! long story but i need to get my utilization rate up and the only thing I can control is my PTO... as u can imagine im not happy about it :(