Saturday, January 7, 2012

Making changes

The Quarter Life Crisis was resolved. In its middle age, this blog is called 'The Popcorn Diet' and lives at You can find this post at:


  1. I love biking in Atlanta! While I agree it can be a difficult task, Atlanta has a great bike path for those that don't want to venture into the open road. If you're in Midtown you'll have to trek a little bit to get to the start of the path, but if you make it just to Parkway (aka Charles Allen on the north side) there is an entrance to the path on the left just as you cross over the highway bridge. It's a beautiful ride and worry free!

  2. have u tried spinning? it is very fun and you burn lots of calories!! I hate the treadmill but I love classes. Zumba is fun and you sweat a lot!! Im sure that there are lots of spinning studios or gyms with classes. or maybe just drive to a trail and take your bike there? just ideas... i just got a workout buddy. A friend just joined my gym and I am happy that I will have less excuses to skip the gym after work.

  3. @ Sarah - Thanks for the tip! We will definitely try that path. Do you and Thomas ride? We should make it a group outing sometime!

    @Catae - Excellent idea about spinning. I will look into it. And the workout buddy thing - haha, Xavier is supposed to be my buddy but we're pretty much identical when it comes to procrastination of workouts. Gotta get on that!