Monday, January 16, 2012

Burned by technology

The Quarter Life Crisis was resolved. In its middle age, this blog is called 'The Popcorn Diet' and lives at


  1. How cold was it? i want to know more about Helen! my uncle has a house close from there, but I've never been. The kickboxing classes are really fun!!!

  2. Catae, you and Andre should visit and we'll all go to Helen together! It was pretty cold when we went. The temperature was somewhat above freezing, but there were lots of icicles in shady spots. The main town is mostly for touristy shopping, not very impressive. But apparently there is awesome tubing down the river in summer.

  3. I saw the icicles! I thought it was below 32F ! probably the water is colder than the air. I would love to visit- never been to Atlanta- or GA. Have u been to the CocaCola Museum?

    1. No, I haven't! It's on the list... right next to the Aquarium!