Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Favorite Edible Stuff in Philadelphia/South Jersey

The Quarter Life Crisis was resolved. In its middle age, this blog is called 'The Popcorn Diet' and lives at


  1. Everything sounds amazing. We found a new Mexican place in Tampa that makes simple tacos like the ones in the pic!!! We should go next week. I've never been to Philly and I would love to go. I traveled a lot to the north east but mostly to places where I had friends and I didn't know anyone in philly.

    1. I'm definitely down for the tacos. The best tacos I had in Tampa were at El Bus. They were pretty good! I'm always ready for more tacos though. You'll have to come to Philly some time! It's an amazing city. And I'm sure Andre wants to show you his former home!